Money is not what poor children want, all they need is moral support

Making a difference in young lives:

Once in a while, we meet children begging in the street, with innocent looks on their faces. We tend to give them money and walk away. But have we ever thought about what these lovely young faces need? Is that need money or any further kind of support? Helping these children is an art, and this help is not required through money. This help could make a huge difference to them.

Wise Support for Children:

There are lots of children in today’s fast-moving world who need help and support. These children are under the poverty line. No doubt, at some moment they must be in need of real support and care, but they never show it on their faces. They are the happiest even though they need money.

Life of Young Children :

Children at the poverty line are at various phases of life. A few are in their adolescence, a few are at a very young age. All these children may have other issues such as they must be under their guardians. Some children may be under physical abuse and more to go. A few of them may also be suffering from some disorders or diseases. All these children live life the same way.

As adults let us bring a new trend in helping these children. The money is not what they want, all they need is moral support and emotional help. We need to cater to their needs with love and care. Some children may also be starving for days, and food is what they need, money is of no use.

A new beginning is the best way to reach their hearts:

Saving every child is important. As responsible citizens, every one of us has the right to protect them and make them happy. Make them devoid of sorrow in all ways. Share your social journey with these children.

Pathway through Social Organizations:

As part of helping needy children, we can become a part of NGOs or other social organizations. These organizations are a real support to children and help them in their educations. They change their lives for good by increasing their living standards. They also teach them the importance of life and social well-being. They always stand by the children during emotional times, and monetary support.